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Healthy Lifestyle, Happy Future

Exadon is an innovative fitness program with two main purposes: health promotion and preventive healthcare.

Launched in 2014, the initiative is centered around enjoying taiko (traditional Japanese drums), performing arts, and physical activity.

The name Exadon combines three words: “exercise,” “Sado,” an island in the Sea of Japan, and the sound of beating a taiko drum, “don.”

The Exadon Initiative
Taiko and Dementia Prevention – A World of Possibilities

In Japan, it is estimated that over seven million people will suffer from dementia in 2025, with one in five people aged 65 years and over developing cognitive impairment. (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 2015)


Dr. Yoshinori Morimoto, director of Shiosai Clinic on Sado Island, devised a proposal in response to Japan’s future needs, leading to the launch of the ground-breaking Exadon program in 2014. Morimoto’s idea brought Sado City, Kodo Cultural Foundation, and Shiosai Clinic together for this collaborative venture, creating Exadon as a means for health promotion and preventive healthcare. 

Exadon is a registered trademark jointly owned by Kodo Cultural Foundation & Dr. Yoshinori Morimoto.


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