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Exadon Facilitators

Exadon Facilitators

An Exadon Facilitator is a person in charge of running Exadon workshops.

Exadon Facilitators:

 • support and assist participants to ensure their discussions, experiences, and learning progress smoothly.

 • provide aid and encouragement to help each participant unleash their own strengths.

 • intervene when required, without being intrusive.

 • listen carefully to participants and elicit their opinions.

 • maintain a good pace and overall flow during the session.

 • keep the group on task and discussions on topic.

 • summarize discussion points and check for comprehension.

 • allow time for reflection and sharing realizations.

 • keep track of time to ensure punctual start and finish times.

 • create a space where people can talk freely.

Meet Our Team
Yoshinori Morimoto

Born in Ehime, Japan. Graduated from Niigata University Department of Medicine. After completing training in the Department of General Internal Medicine at Niigata City General Hospital, Morimoto became a doctor at Niigata University Department of Psychiatry. Following subsequent positions at Sado General Hospital and Mano Mizuho Hospital on Sado Island, Morimoto became the director of Shiosai Clinic in 2006. He is a designated mental health physician, cognitive impairment support physician, Japan Medical Association- certified Occupational Physician, and Japan Amateur Sports Association-certified Sports Physician. He is also a Japanese Association of Sports Psychiatry-certified Mental Health Exercise Trainer and a member of the Japanese Positive Health Psychology Society. Morimoto is currently working with Sado City and Kodo Cultural Foundation on the development and promotion of fitness program "Exadon," which uses taiko and performing arts for health promotion and nursing care prevention.

Takako Morimoto

Born on Sado Island, Japan. Graduated from Tsukuba University School of Medicine and Medical Sciences. Completed training at Kanto Teishin Hospital (now NTT Medical Center Tokyo). After working in the Psychiatric Department of Koudo Hospital, Takako Morimoto became the assistant director of Shiosai Clinic in 2006. She is a designated mental health physician and a Certified Psychiatrist of the Japanese Board of Psychiatry.Morimoto is currently working with Sado City and Kodo Cultural Foundation on the development and implementation of "Exadon Eats," a companion program to fitness program "Exadon," which helps people create and maintain healthy dietary habits.

Masami Miyazaki

Originally from Kumamoto in southern Japan, Masami Miyazaki became a Kodo member in 2001. Through domestic and international concert tours, school performances, and workshops, she gained vast experience as a performer, artistic director, and instructor. Always smiling, Miyazaki has an unquestionable ability to make everyone around her feel good. Her sunny, comical character bridges language and culture gaps with ease, making her popular with people from around the world. After stepping down from the Kodo stage in 2014, Miyazaki began working at Sado Island Taiko Centre where she warmly welcomes people of all ages for a wide range of workshops.

Tomohiro Yonetani

Tomohiro Yonetani hails from Shizuoka, Japan. He began playing taiko in a local team as a first grader at elementary school. From 2015, Yonetani spent two years as a Kodo apprentice studying taiko as part of a broad curriculum including bamboo flutes, song, and dance. In April 2017, he became a workshop instructor at Sado Island Taiko Centre, where his friendly manner makes him popular with children. Yonetani's flair for playing bamboo flutes led him to develop new workshop offerings that incorporate taiko and flutes.

Eiichi Saito
Instructor/Taiko Advisor
Kodo in Concert@Karen Steains-1727.jpg

Eiichi Saito was born in Hiroshima, Japan. Since joining Kodo in 1982, he has been a featured performer on domestic and international tours, as well as in recordings and collaborations with artists of varying genres. For over three decades, Saito has captivated and invigorated audiences worldwide with his energetic performances. In addition to his stage activities, he shares his passion for creative exchange by leading workshops that convey the power of taiko through self-discovery. On the Exadon team, Saito is an instructor as well as the program's taiko drumming advisor.

Persons who have completed the Exadon Facilitator Training Course

No.01  Masumi O'Brien

No.02  Noriko Moriya

No.04  Kaori Yamada

No.06  Ruriko Owada

No.08  Miki Mishina

No.09  Jinichi Sato

No.10  Atsuko Orui

No.11  Ayako Tsunazawa

No.12  Mariko Takeno

No.13  Yumiko Ogawa

No.14  Kazunori Morimoto

No.15  Hiroyuki Ozawa

No.16  Namiko Sakai

No.18  Hiromi Eto

No.19  Akemi Sato

No.23  Teruhisa Ogura

No.25  Nobuko Ijichi

No.27  Mami Oyama

No.28  Masumi Hoshino
No.30  Kuniko Sato
No.31  Yuki Inoue / Inoue-Kim
No.32  Ai Kawanabe

No.34  Tomomi Okubo
No.35  Masae Watanabe
No.37  Yasushi Yoshii


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