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Exadon Encourages Healthy Habits

That Delight the Mind, Body, and Soul

Fun exercise routines and balanced dietary habits cultivate happiness.

Fun Exercise Routines  

Such as regular enjoyment of taiko playing to promote body movement, use of the voice, and communication with others.

Balanced Dietary Habits

Such as eating three proper meals a day that are nutritionally balanced, control salt intake, and have a firm texture.

Exadon Combats Physical and Mental Impairment

Exadon is designed to help people ward off mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and dementia. It also helps people prevent physical health issues such as locomotive syndrome and metabolic syndrome, as well as affiliated conditions such as bone fractures, gait (walking) disorders, strokes, and heart attacks. While the program aims to prevent an array of health issues from occurring, unfortunately, this is not always possible. So if health issues do arise, the program's goal is to help minimize any associated pain or impairment.

Our Mission to Create Fortresses of Inner Peace

Dr. Yoshinori Morimoto, Director, Shiosai Clinic

I moved to Sado Island for my work in 1997. That same year, I saw the taiko performance group Kodo for the first time at the island's annual music festival, Earth Celebration. I recall thinking the Kodo performers were like musical athletes who love traditional culture. Nowadays, Kodo is more like a crew of trustworthy sailors accompanying me on a sailing ship, sent out into unchartered waters.

Since 2014, Kodo Cultural Foundation and I have been working together on Exadon. The objective of this initiative is to create fortresses of inner peace. The topic of dementia and preventive healthcare is tied to aging, ailing, dying, and overcoming suffering in life. I call this suffering "the war within." Distancing oneself from the war within and attaining inner peace takes wisdom and courage, which have universal value for humanity. I want to take everyone on a journey to discover inner peace through interactions with the body, nature, and person to person.  

Exercise routines, fun mental activities, and social activities all offer effective prevention and emotional support for various illnesses and disabilities, not just dementia. Traditional performing arts, and in particular taiko drumming, encompass all these components. With its universal design, taiko is an instrument that can be enjoyed by young and old, and people of all abilities. I believe that Exadon will cultivate new taiko culture that brings inner peace to people from all walks of life, connecting generations and communities.

By thinking globally and acting locally to resolve specific issues in our community, Kodo Cultural Foundation and I want to help people build fortresses of inner peace. We believe this will strengthen Sado Island as a whole.

PROFILE | Dr. Yoshinori Morimoto

Born in Ehime, Japan. Graduated from Niigata University Department of Medicine. After completing training in the Department of General Internal Medicine at Niigata City General Hospital, Morimoto became a doctor at Niigata University Department of Psychiatry. Following subsequent positions at Sado General Hospital and Mano Mizuho Hospital on Sado Island, Morimoto became the director of Shiosai Clinic in 2006. He is a designated mental health physician, cognitive impairment support physician, Japan Medical Association- certified Occupational Physician, and Japan Amateur Sports Association-certified Sports Physician. He is also a Japanese Association of Sports Psychiatry-certified Mental Health Exercise Trainer and a member of the Japanese Positive Health Psychology Society. Morimoto is currently working with Sado City and Kodo Cultural Foundation on the development and promotion of fitness program "Exadon," which uses taiko and performing arts for health promotion and nursing care prevention.

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